vrijdag 2 augustus 2013

Kawaii Deluxe Photoshoot

Hi sweeties <3

So today I'd like to tell you about such an amazing experience I had!
I got asked to model for the webshop Kawaii Deluxe together with Jojo, Pauline and Isabelle.
I was lucky because some of the other models dropped out.

The shoot its self was in Rotterdam,
 I've never really been there before so that was nice.
The train trip was hooorrible on the way there XD
I was lucky to meetup with Isabelle so that I wasn't alone haha~

Dominique, the owner of Kawaii Deluxe picked us up and brought us to the studio.
There I met Esther and Jacky, our photographers of the day and Jacky's wife Ankai.
I also met Pauline, the 4th model, and omg she's gorgeous. *^*

I was nervous at first because I actually never really 'modeled' before XD
But both Ester and Jacky really made me feel comfortable and that made me feel sooo much better!

A looot of pictures were taken but here are a few examples!

Pictures by Jacky Cheung.

Go check out Jacky's other pictures!

Photo's by Esther
Go check out her amazing pictures!

The Crew

All in all,
It was amaaaazing.
I had such a good time and everybody was so nice!
Happy to meet new inspiring people and to see my friends <3

Untill next time,

21 opmerkingen:

  1. All your pics are lovely!!<3<3

  2. Y U so pretty xP I hope I was that photogenic ^u^ and the top is just like it was made for you ^-^ hehe

  3. You look stunning! I love your smile :>

  4. You look fantastic ♥ And your outfits are cute, suits you so well. And you have such a adorable smile!

  5. You are such a cutie *^*
    You look like a real model in the pics ♥

  6. Great photo's , you are a good model ;)

    I nominated you for the liebster award, I hope you don't mind ;)
    Here you can find the rules.

    Have a nice day!!

    1. Thank you :3
      I did the liebster award last year so i'm not sure if i will again :O Thanks anyway!

  7. Those pictures of you came out looking fabulous! Good job!

  8. really love your second outfit!

    you're looking so great =)

  9. oooooooooooh, you looked so amazing! You really are beautiful and I really think you can do more model jobs like this :)