donderdag 4 juli 2013

International Gyaru Summer Meet in Utrecht : Day 2!

Hey lovelies!

So today I'll tell you about day 2 of the International Summer Gyaru Meet :D
This day was all about good food and relaxing <3

Everybody met up at the central station in Utrecht at around 2 'o clock.
It wasn't hard to spot the group when arriving...
How could you miss such a big group of pretty people ;o;

We went to the Wilhelminapark, just like last year :D
The picknick was rather special to me because last year this was the first meeting I ever went to!

Everybody brought some good food with them!
We had pancakes, candy, cookies, salads, sushi.... and so on!
I can definitely say that I was stuffed after eating so much nice things :3

On to the pictures! :D
(We took a lot!)

Here's my outfit!
I was rather happy with this look :D
Made the flower crown myself ^^

Group picture!

Me and Lenie ^^
I got to meet Lenie, finally!
We've been talking for a while via FB and I finally got to see her!
This was her first meeting and I'm so impressed ;o;
She looked fabulous and she's super nice!
I hope to see her again soon :D

Isabelle and me!
Ah mah freaking god!
She's the cutest thing ever XD
We traveled together on the way to Utrecht and back.
We spoke a few times on FB and it really clicked!
She also started recently and I just got to say wow!
Sweet, funny and adorable this one!

1st pic : Katleen, me, Isabelle, Jojo and Amber
2nd pic : Isabelle, Lenie, Dominique, Jojo, Amber and Yuu!

2nd pic : Naoki, me, Amber and Terry ^^

2nd pic : Eivind, Wesley, Isabelle, Me, Jojo and Amber

With Kariiiiiii!
Oh it had been such a long time since I last saw Kari ;o;
I just had to take a picture with her!
I missed her :(

1st pic : Me and Terry
2nd pic : Me and Lenie.

Pffff... I missed Terry so much!
She just.. gets me completely XD
She's the biggest racist I know and I love her hahaha~
She insults me the whole time, but I know she loves me too...

1st pic : Me and Naoki
2nd pic : Just... yeah XD
3rd pic : Me and Terry again ^^

And last but not least.....
We can't look perfect all the time, right? XD
At least I can't hahahah~
I thought it would be funny to share some derpy pics too XD
I will probably shoot myself in the face when these show up on a certain site...
(pls, don't feel tempted XD)
buuuuuut, I think its completely... acceptable to share, lol.

This meeting was, the best!
I had tons of fun and the organization was superb!
HYPER Gyarusa did an amazing job preparing!
Thanks again ladies!

Bye sweeties!

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  1. You made a lovely post! And It was very nice to met you in real life :) <3 Can't wait to see you again <3<3

    sweet greetz, lenie

  2. I missed you toooooo <3