woensdag 17 juli 2013

I won a giveaway!

Hey pretty ladies!

Soooo a while back I actually won a giveaway ._.
I logged on to facebook and I got tagged by someone telling my I had won!
And my brain didn't really understand at first...
I was like... what giveaway..

The giveaway was hosted by the web shop Kawaii Deluxe.
There were a few items selected and you could choose one pair of lenses yourself!

So here is what I won 

2 Face Masks ^^

Gatsby Hair Wax

Diamond Lash Angel Eye!
I loooove em *^*

An adorable cookie lens case! 

Princess Mimi Sesame Grey lenses

I'm really happy that I won these things!
Thank you Kawaii Deluxe for hosting this giveaway!

donderdag 4 juli 2013

International Gyaru Summer Meet in Utrecht : Day 2!

Hey lovelies!

So today I'll tell you about day 2 of the International Summer Gyaru Meet :D
This day was all about good food and relaxing <3

Everybody met up at the central station in Utrecht at around 2 'o clock.
It wasn't hard to spot the group when arriving...
How could you miss such a big group of pretty people ;o;

We went to the Wilhelminapark, just like last year :D
The picknick was rather special to me because last year this was the first meeting I ever went to!

Everybody brought some good food with them!
We had pancakes, candy, cookies, salads, sushi.... and so on!
I can definitely say that I was stuffed after eating so much nice things :3

On to the pictures! :D
(We took a lot!)

Here's my outfit!
I was rather happy with this look :D
Made the flower crown myself ^^

Group picture!

Me and Lenie ^^
I got to meet Lenie, finally!
We've been talking for a while via FB and I finally got to see her!
This was her first meeting and I'm so impressed ;o;
She looked fabulous and she's super nice!
I hope to see her again soon :D

Isabelle and me!
Ah mah freaking god!
She's the cutest thing ever XD
We traveled together on the way to Utrecht and back.
We spoke a few times on FB and it really clicked!
She also started recently and I just got to say wow!
Sweet, funny and adorable this one!

1st pic : Katleen, me, Isabelle, Jojo and Amber
2nd pic : Isabelle, Lenie, Dominique, Jojo, Amber and Yuu!

2nd pic : Naoki, me, Amber and Terry ^^

2nd pic : Eivind, Wesley, Isabelle, Me, Jojo and Amber

With Kariiiiiii!
Oh it had been such a long time since I last saw Kari ;o;
I just had to take a picture with her!
I missed her :(

1st pic : Me and Terry
2nd pic : Me and Lenie.

Pffff... I missed Terry so much!
She just.. gets me completely XD
She's the biggest racist I know and I love her hahaha~
She insults me the whole time, but I know she loves me too...

1st pic : Me and Naoki
2nd pic : Just... yeah XD
3rd pic : Me and Terry again ^^

And last but not least.....
We can't look perfect all the time, right? XD
At least I can't hahahah~
I thought it would be funny to share some derpy pics too XD
I will probably shoot myself in the face when these show up on a certain site...
(pls, don't feel tempted XD)
buuuuuut, I think its completely... acceptable to share, lol.

This meeting was, the best!
I had tons of fun and the organization was superb!
HYPER Gyarusa did an amazing job preparing!
Thanks again ladies!

Bye sweeties!

dinsdag 2 juli 2013

Int. Gyaru Summer Meet Utrecht : Day 1

Hey dearies <3

Have you noticed anything?
Really..? ;o;
Lemme help you out!
Well, there is a new lay-out!
I thought it was time for something new and so be it~
(The pictures used are from picknick at the meetup)

So onto the post..
Last weekend was the International Summer Meeting in Utrecht organized by HYPER!
They did an amaziiiiing job, it was all planned so well and i believe everybody had so much fun.
I know i did *^*

It was so nice to see everybody again and meet new people
So many gorgeous people in one room, amagawd.

So I got myself ready and I was waaay to early XD
First meetup I didn't have to hurry to get ready, I still had another hour :")

Some selfies and close-up of my make-up 

On my way to Utrecht I met up with Wesley and Isabelle!
I spoke with Isabelle before on Facebook, this was her first meeting!
She is absolutely gorgeous and I can't believe she only recently started ;o; <3

At the station we met up with Dominique and Naoki and we went on our way to the hotel.
I sadly didn't take pictures but damn it was so pretty.
It was actually a bed and breakfast that used to be a home for students.
I'm so dumb for not taking pictures of it ><

We got ourselves ready to go and meetup with everybody else at the venue.
At first we thought we got lost but we found the place anyway XD

Here you can see the venue

With Jojo and Amber <3
(Didn't take any outfit pics so this will have to do x3)

Jojo, Amber, Isabelle, Wesley, Naoki and Dominique
Juul photobombing like a boss XD

Everybody was dancing haha~

We played bingo with the whole group and you could even win prizes!
They really did an awesome job with this cus there were so many :O
Bracelets, necklaces and even a grand prize : circle lenses!
I won a usamimi with a leopard print myself :3

They also prepared a buffet *^*
Oh all them lovely foods XD
They had sushi, gyoza, curry and rice.... <33

The party itself went on till 11 or so~
After that some of us went into the city to sit down and talk some more.
Then we went back to the hotel and went to bed asap since we had to get up somewhat early the next day!

It was such a great day <3
Next post will be about day 2, the picknick :D