donderdag 27 juni 2013

Latest, well not so latest buys!

Hey there!

So in the last few months,
(well actually like back in januari XD)
i bought some items and I thought I would share them with you ^^
There's a few more I believe but I didn't take pictures of em :")


From Liz Lisa

From Liz Lisa

From Liz Lisa
(Yes... I like Liz Lisa XDD)

From Vero Moda I believe..


In other news I am reaaaally looking forward to the meetup this weekend!
Here's the link to the FB page for the people who don't know about it yet :

Hnggg I really want to see everybody again <3
I've missed my friends so much ;o;

And meet new people :D
 I've already had some contact with a few new people via FB
and I'm so curious about how they are in real life :3
And ahhh good food on both days.
I will be in heaven..

Untill next time!

8 opmerkingen:

  1. ooh great buys :) xxP haha
    I really like the brown Liz Lisa pieces ^.^
    I really wannt to get some more too ^w^

    I wish you a lot of fun at the meet up :3 I hope next time I can come too ^.^

    1. Haha especially the green jacket right hahahaha XD
      Yeah me too ;o; im broke right now so i cant wait to treat myself again.
      It's been a while since i went on a shopping spree //cry

      Thank you, i really will miss you ;o; </3

  2. Reacties
    1. I hope i can make an outfit with it ^^

  3. Love the skirt! I need one like that too *__*
    and I'nm very excited as well because TODAY is the meet :DD

    1. I hope you can find one :D
      I was just as excited XD