vrijdag 28 juni 2013


Hey everybody,

Just a very short post about Bloglovin.
If you want to keep following my blog you'll have to follow it with bloglovin since google connect or whatever it's called is going to be *poof* gone.

Follow my blog

I hope it works :O


donderdag 27 juni 2013

Latest, well not so latest buys!

Hey there!

So in the last few months,
(well actually like back in januari XD)
i bought some items and I thought I would share them with you ^^
There's a few more I believe but I didn't take pictures of em :")


From Liz Lisa

From Liz Lisa

From Liz Lisa
(Yes... I like Liz Lisa XDD)

From Vero Moda I believe..


In other news I am reaaaally looking forward to the meetup this weekend!
Here's the link to the FB page for the people who don't know about it yet :

Hnggg I really want to see everybody again <3
I've missed my friends so much ;o;

And meet new people :D
 I've already had some contact with a few new people via FB
and I'm so curious about how they are in real life :3
And ahhh good food on both days.
I will be in heaven..

Untill next time!