maandag 27 mei 2013

Japan Tag 2013

Hey there!

So the 25th of may was the annual Japan Tag in Dusseldorf!
I had an amazing day and I was super happy to see some of my friends again!

So after getting ready Wesley came to pick me up and we went to get Jessica.
And after that our trip to Dusseldorf began.
It was just like going to the winter meet since we went together there too x3
We were a bit late and I even got a call from Jojo who was
 getting worried we weren't coming anymore naww.

We met up with Jojo, Danchelle and Eri & co and went to the meet up spot.
There we saw a few of the lovely german gyaru :D

There were more gals later on but I don't have a picture of them ;o;
It was so windy outside XD We kept grabbing our heads to fix our hair :")

I was just smiling for the picture and then Danchelle told me she took it to show me that a guy was photographing mah butt? XD Weiiiird~

After that we went to a mexican restaurant and I had a huge burger XD
I'm proud to say that I finished it :"D
(Shaun T is not proud of me..)

Danchelle, Jojo and me went outside to take a few pictures :3

And Danchelle <3
I hadn't seen her in ages and I was happy to finally see her again!
Also look at them legs ;o; <3

(I had to edit this one since it was so dark)
Wasnt Jojo gorgeous??? *^* She always is!

Wesley, jojo, jess, me, dave and danchelle.
Here you can see my boots XD I was switching between heels and ballerina's cus both of them started to hurt my feet :")

And then we went to see the super amazing fireworks!!
It was so pretty... ._.

I had a great day!!
And I can't wait to see everybody again :D

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