zondag 26 mei 2013

I'm back!

Hello dear sweet people!


I have finally found back my mojo to start blogging again!
I'm extremely sorry for posting in ever...
But I can safely say that I will again now :3

The reason why I stopped blogging?
I just didn't feel like it. ;o;
I wasn't doing anything interesting enough to write about!
And I took some time off to focus on myself and to try to fix some things.

But yesterday I had an amazing time with my friends who i met through gyaru
and I absolutely love them so much!

I am so happy to know them :D
Seeing them again gave me extra motivation to blog again!

So I have a few posts coming up for you :

[ Japan Tag]
[New buys]
[I won a giveaway!]
[Big International Gyaru Meeting in Utrecht]

Yep, let's get back into that groove!
I also feel like making a new layout...
I'll see x3

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