dinsdag 12 februari 2013

A few pictures~

 Hey y'all!

I've been wanting to post about my latest online haul..
But sadly i haven't received everything so I'll have to wait until every package has come to mama <3
I feel a bit unsure if I should post everything i bought because I spend a lot XD

I've been sick since 2 weeks ago and it was time to feel a bit better today!
So I got dressed, did my hair and make-up and took a few pictures :3

I'm not tooo happy with these pictures XD I just don't take enough pictures of myself I guess..
I'ts hard to find a 'nice' angle etc
So something to add on my to do-list... LEARN TO POSE.

And, when going through my pictures I noticed a certain habit of mine..
Putting my hand against my head XD Again.. LEARN TO POSE.

 I did it here...

Oh not here..

And here...

And ofcourse here...

(and here... XD damn woman, keep that hand away)

I also tried to do something with my natural hair..(In the above picture)
What ya think?
It's really hard to come up with hairstyles with those curls ;o;
I don't want to use wigs or my straightener(damaging my curls lol) to much either.

 Outfit shot, nothing too special :)

That was all dearies (i've watched Once Upon A Time too much..)
hopefully i'll receive my stuff sooooon~

Much love,

14 opmerkingen:

  1. Awww your hair *^* And your makeup and your coord..omg *^* Beautiful!!

  2. We're skirt-twins haha! You look great ^o^

    1. Haha i got the skirt from jess ^^ Such a cute skirt hhaha

  3. :3 your natural curls look so cute *.* anf fluffy! Beautiful!

    1. Aww thanks ^^ Maybe i should try to use them more with gyaru xd

  4. beautiful blog! ♥
    and super pretty gal~ * 3 *

  5. very pretty! *_* but already told you that haha. I have to say I really like your natural hair, it suits you very well! and I like the hairstyle in the last picture. but the cat in the left corner looked like a tattoo I was a bit shocked hahaha XDD I like the outfit too, it looks good for daily wear!

    1. Thank you <33 Ohh hahaha yes when you told me i saw the 'tattoo' as well xDD

  6. I really like how your hair looks like, and your outfit is so pretty. You look very beautiful :D