donderdag 31 januari 2013

International Gyaru Meeting Dusseldorf :D

Hello cuties!

Like i said in my last post,
this one will be about the International Gyaru Meeting in Dusseldorf
(Organized by german gal, kitai!) which I attended last weekend!

And amagawd, it was so much fun *-*
I met a lot of really nice and pretty people, even though I'm shy as hell..
But, here and there I faced my fears :"D

The day before the meet I went over to Jessica's place!
She offered me to stay over so that we could travel together. ^^
She made some delicious Japanese curry <3
I love spicy food! So it was a real treat!

Instead of traveling by train we got really lucky,
because Wesley offered us to join him as he was going to dusseldorf by car!
Thanks again!!

My daytime outfit ^^ I was pretty happy with this outfit!
I just love these boots *-*

So, after our little car trip we arrived in Dusseldorf
and went to the train station to meet up with everybody.
Damn, so many gals at one place, it's truly incredible to see :D

The grouppictures!
These were all made by Binh Truong.

So after we took these marvelous pictures, especially the derpy one XD
Most of us went to the OCS, to take puri's!
Yay, my second time~

Third is so derpy, i look constipated :"DDD

So, i'll just spam some picturesss now~

Picture belongs to the lovely Daiana who's standing next to me!

Dinner! (How can this be a post of mine without food? XD)

Bwhaha, our new and improved wigstands..

My bed in the hotel, that bed was soooo comfy!

My gorgeous 'hime' slippers haha
They were laying on the bed for every guest.

So after relaxing a bit we got ready for the night part of the meeting!
We went to a cocktail bar called El Paso if I'm correct XD
My night outfit, slightly less happy with this outfit ;o;

I only have on picture from the nightpart because it was pretty dark
and my camera is such a bad ass :"D

This was also made by Binh, who has a waaay better camera!

Aftet the cocktailbar the group got split up ;o;
Some wanted to go clubbing and others wanted to go to a karaoke club.
Instead of clubbing or karaoke I went to the burger king with a small group XD

After that we went back to the hotel, lucky me ;o;
I was so tired, i'm really happy we went back instead of partying..

Well, that was it for now!
I need to come up with some interesting ideas to make posts about XD

8 opmerkingen:

  1. fooooolllooooow <3 XD next time i will trwat you all to curry...can cook good curry as well..and than all are going karaoke XDDD COME AGAIN!!!!!

    1. Aww thanks haha! Ohh curry *-* <333 Hopefully next time we will join in XD

  2. IK BEN JALOERS :'[ Ik hoop dat als ik zover ben en ik durf te reizen met openbaar vervoer & niet zo social verlegen ben dat ik in Juni naar Utrecht kan mmimiimi.

    1. Daww :(( Ik ben ook super verlegen en een verschrikking met t openbare vervoer, als ik t kan, kan jij t ook! <3

  3. hey :3
    wooow the dress suits you so much ^.^!
    on you it looks like a completetely different dress >w< on me it was just hopeless :D haha
    But I´m really glad :3 I just hope on the next meet up we won´t get such an annoying "souvenir" XD

    1. Hellooo <3 aww thanks! I'm really happy with it :D hahaha yes, i hope next time we meet we're all full on vitamine C's XD