dinsdag 8 januari 2013

Happy late new year... but it's still 2013 right?

Hello there <3

I'm reaaaally sorry for posting this soooo late..
Bad blogger, bad blogger.. ! D:
I've been so busy with the festivities themselves and just.. life I guess :O

But hey... better late than never ay? AY?

I didn't set any goals last year, so I don't know if I really accomplished something XD
So, I'll try to set some pointers for myself for 2013 and hopefully some may come true!

- Find a new study and LOVE IT TO DEATH.
I really miss school, for real. Staying home, doing nothing. Bleh.
By the time I'm in school again I'll probably hate it but that's okay XD
As long as I find something new, it's all good!

- Move out.
So because I stopped with school I also had to move back to my parents house.
And I hate it. Might sound really weird and stuff, but I just miss having my own rhythm.
(+ I'd really love to live together with my boyfriend. 
We talk about it a lot but since we both still have to find a new school, we can't just jump in to it because our studies might be at different locations. )

- Find a job.
So, I've been working for my mother for the last couple of years but it's time for something new. I need more experience than doing nails and checking orders and such.
(And I'm fed up with working for my mother really XD Working for your mother can be really good I guess but having my mom as my boss... Oh lordy..)

- Pick up drawing.
I used to be a decent artist. But, I just stopped because of the lack of time I guess..
(And inspiration..)
Because of this, I became kinda suckish at drawing.. So I want to retrain this skill and become better at it ^^

Man, it's been such a long time since I had a nice vacation ;O; 
I know there are people out there who never went on a vacation but ..
I really need it XD I want to be able to get out if this rainy hole and enjoy a week or so in the sun!

- Feel better about myself.
I've been feeling so down, inside and out. ;o;
So I want to make changes to feel better, inside and out.
I already started a workout program and am trying my best to stay positive ^^

So, do you guys have any wishes or dreams for 2013? :D

Here, enjoy some pictures of mostly food from the holidays haha XD
(Yay... fooooood o.o i love food..)

Have a great and healthy 2013 everybody!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. I hope all your wishes come true in 2013 ^^ I agree it can be really hard to be at home all time long and it can make you feel depressed, I hope you can find a job soon! i'm also still searching TwT as for holidays, feel free to tag along at the gyaru meeting in sweden at the end of march, can't promise you sun though hahaha xD the food looks amazing btw!

    1. I hope so too! Yeah it's such a downer being inside the house all the time :'D I'd love to tag along if i have the money haha. I've never been to one of those countries before ;o;

  2. Hi Cheru ^^ Please stay strong gal! ♥ have you received my letter yet?
    XOXO Rina ♥