donderdag 24 januari 2013

Get sexy for spring part 2

 Hello special snowflakes!

Today's post is the second part for my healthy lifestyle change thingy whatever!
(Oh wow, great writing skills there chelsey!)
It's all about what I eat now :D

I separated the day in to breakfast, lunch, dinner and midnight snacks.
The usual, you know.


Start your day with a good breakfast, don’t skip it! Your body needs fuel to get you through the day and fueling up before you start doing whatever you’re going to do is necessary. A lot of people skip breakfast but it’s such an important thing to do. Here, some info why you should just eat breakfast!
There are 1000 of websites telling you why, so if you want to know more, just google!


I like eating a bowl of oatmeal with some fruit in the morning. It’s warm, hearty and a good way to start your day.

If you don’t like to put fruits in your oatmeal there are a lot of other options. Think about raisins, nuts, cinnamon.. And of course you can mix and match! (And.. sometimes a sprinkle of sugar ain’t all that bad) My grandmother used to eat oatmeal with some sugar and cinnamon and that was it!

Egg whites 

I love eggs for breakfast..

I like to roast some vegetables such as tomatoes, paprika and onions to with my egg.
Either I put the layer of egg white over the vegetables; you can make an omelet with the vegetables or put the veggies on the side next to your scrambled egg.  (If you’re a cheese lover just like me, sometimes I add some mozzarella on top of the eggs.)


I need to have lunch because if I skip this I’m hungry until I eat my dinner, I get moody, tired and a headache when I’m really hungry so I need to refuel again when it’s lunchtime.
Eating keeps your metabolism going, the higher your metabolism the more calories you’ll burn.
This doesn’t mean that you should just eat every single moment you can.. Eat when you’re feeling hungry.

Yoghurt fruit parfaits

I start with a layer of fruit, followed up with a layer of yoghurt. Then add a layer of granola/oatmeal, a layer of yoghurt and end with a layer of fruit with some granola/oatmeal sprinkled on top for some crunch. Depending on the size of your glass/cup you can either add or remove layers.


Every now and then I like to make myself a sandwich. I try to look for whole grain bread, the darker the better. With a ‘special’ sandwich you can put on chicken, tuna or salmon (I’m a fish lover haha!)
I top that of with some occasional mozzarella and tomatoes and I’m done.  I don’t use fatty sauces such as mayonnaise.


For dinner I always try to incorporate either chicken, turkey or a kind of fish/seafood in my dish.
Alongside of that there are a looot of veggies XD I absolutely love veggies, I can’t help it.
Broccoli, carrots, mushrooms and so many more.. Veggies are your friends while getting fit in my opinion. They have flavor, nutrients and you can do a lot of different things with them.

Made some spicy green beans with broccoli, seasoned chicken and brown rice.

Snacking after dinner

Yep, I certainly do this. I work out in the evening so when I’m done my stomach in growling cause it wants to be filled after burning all those calories. So, I usually opt for some low-fat yoghurt with a piece of fruit, preferably banana’s because there’s natural melatonine in there which helps you sleep better.   Here’s some more for you :

Well that was it for now,
Next post is probably going to be about the International Meetup in Dusseldorf and I'm hellaaaa excited!! :DDD

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  1. I'm definitely gonna make myself those yoghurt fruit parfaits too ;D <3

  2. looks like a healthy eat! and i agree with you, breaky is important! but i always skip it cos i wake up late D:

    followed you xoxo

    1. Thank you for following! And you need to make time to start your day good :O <3 Will follow back ^^

  3. Oeh I'm a SPECIAL snowflake <3 yaaay haha

  4. Yummy, now I feel hungry just by reading you post, so yummy!

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