dinsdag 22 januari 2013

Get sexy for spring! part 1

Hello dearies <3

Sorry I don't post so often ;o
I seem to start my posts a lot with an apology :")
I'm also sorry if this post looks a bit,.. all over the place, blogger is... being a b*tch to me today :")

So for this post, I want to write about my 'rules' when it comes to eating more healthy.
Why?  Because a lot of people try to live more healthy, 

eat healthy, get in shape as a new years resolution.
And i'm one of those people haha! Last summer I got in pretty good shape, lost a few kg's
and was eating pretty healthy. But then I went back to college and I gained those kg's back again.

Then i got inspired by a facebook event called : Get sexy for spring!
Click here for the link.

So, i picked up working out again and my healthier eating habits which i'd like to share with you!
I'm going to write a seperate post about what I actually eat because otherwise this post is going to be just a wall of text ;o; So, look out for the next post ;)

First of a few tips, or rather my 'rules'. You are probably already familiar with these tips, but they work for me, so it might be worth mentioning.

1. Don’t overeat

Even if you’re eating all the right stuff, don’t eat too much! Would you for example eat 6 oranges in a row? I wouldn’t. But if you drink a full glass of orange juice, which might seem really good, there are about 6 oranges in there. You wouldn’t eat them, but still drink them? I hope that kinda makes sense XD

2.  Not just the calories count

A lot of people who try to lose weight are just looking at those calories..

But there’s more than just counting calories, sadly. There’s sugar and fats in products too, so be sure to check those stats out too when cooking etc. I thought I was eating super healthy when I was eating my granola cereals, but hey, there’s a lot of sugar in those cereals. So now I made them my ‘cheat’ breakfast :”D


Seriously, drink your water. People know it but just can’t set their minds to it. Water not only helps to flush out the toxins in our body, is good for the skin, helps with weight loss…  You know the drill.
Keeping your body hydrated is the way to go. (That doesn’t mean you should drink 5 liters a day, don’t overdo it okay?) Here’s some more things water does for your body : 

4. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Yep. Did that once but ain’t doing that again! (No no, I didn’t give myself a eating disorder, but I only wanted the healthy foods.) It makes losing weight and getting in shape horrible o.o
I stopped eating all the bad foods all at once, and turned down everything bad. But hey, if you’re nana offers you a fresh piece of homemade apple pie, don’t say no to your nana. Take one piece and you’ll be fine! Same goes for birthday parties, a piece of cake won’t ruin everything for you..
Give yourself a reward every now and then! 

5. Variation

This is very important to me since I love food. Eating the same dish every single day would probably kill me and make me hate food :”) Eating the same things everyday is also not that good for you. You need a lot of different vitamins and nutrients.  So, be creative! The internet is your friend! Look up recipes, ask friends and just try out different things. Little by little you will know what you like and in the mean while you won’t be bored. 


Well, I hope you can get something out of these few tips ^^

Keep an eye out for the next post :)

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