donderdag 31 januari 2013

International Gyaru Meeting Dusseldorf :D

Hello cuties!

Like i said in my last post,
this one will be about the International Gyaru Meeting in Dusseldorf
(Organized by german gal, kitai!) which I attended last weekend!

And amagawd, it was so much fun *-*
I met a lot of really nice and pretty people, even though I'm shy as hell..
But, here and there I faced my fears :"D

The day before the meet I went over to Jessica's place!
She offered me to stay over so that we could travel together. ^^
She made some delicious Japanese curry <3
I love spicy food! So it was a real treat!

Instead of traveling by train we got really lucky,
because Wesley offered us to join him as he was going to dusseldorf by car!
Thanks again!!

My daytime outfit ^^ I was pretty happy with this outfit!
I just love these boots *-*

So, after our little car trip we arrived in Dusseldorf
and went to the train station to meet up with everybody.
Damn, so many gals at one place, it's truly incredible to see :D

The grouppictures!
These were all made by Binh Truong.

So after we took these marvelous pictures, especially the derpy one XD
Most of us went to the OCS, to take puri's!
Yay, my second time~

Third is so derpy, i look constipated :"DDD

So, i'll just spam some picturesss now~

Picture belongs to the lovely Daiana who's standing next to me!

Dinner! (How can this be a post of mine without food? XD)

Bwhaha, our new and improved wigstands..

My bed in the hotel, that bed was soooo comfy!

My gorgeous 'hime' slippers haha
They were laying on the bed for every guest.

So after relaxing a bit we got ready for the night part of the meeting!
We went to a cocktail bar called El Paso if I'm correct XD
My night outfit, slightly less happy with this outfit ;o;

I only have on picture from the nightpart because it was pretty dark
and my camera is such a bad ass :"D

This was also made by Binh, who has a waaay better camera!

Aftet the cocktailbar the group got split up ;o;
Some wanted to go clubbing and others wanted to go to a karaoke club.
Instead of clubbing or karaoke I went to the burger king with a small group XD

After that we went back to the hotel, lucky me ;o;
I was so tired, i'm really happy we went back instead of partying..

Well, that was it for now!
I need to come up with some interesting ideas to make posts about XD

donderdag 24 januari 2013

Get sexy for spring part 2

 Hello special snowflakes!

Today's post is the second part for my healthy lifestyle change thingy whatever!
(Oh wow, great writing skills there chelsey!)
It's all about what I eat now :D

I separated the day in to breakfast, lunch, dinner and midnight snacks.
The usual, you know.


Start your day with a good breakfast, don’t skip it! Your body needs fuel to get you through the day and fueling up before you start doing whatever you’re going to do is necessary. A lot of people skip breakfast but it’s such an important thing to do. Here, some info why you should just eat breakfast!
There are 1000 of websites telling you why, so if you want to know more, just google!


I like eating a bowl of oatmeal with some fruit in the morning. It’s warm, hearty and a good way to start your day.

If you don’t like to put fruits in your oatmeal there are a lot of other options. Think about raisins, nuts, cinnamon.. And of course you can mix and match! (And.. sometimes a sprinkle of sugar ain’t all that bad) My grandmother used to eat oatmeal with some sugar and cinnamon and that was it!

Egg whites 

I love eggs for breakfast..

I like to roast some vegetables such as tomatoes, paprika and onions to with my egg.
Either I put the layer of egg white over the vegetables; you can make an omelet with the vegetables or put the veggies on the side next to your scrambled egg.  (If you’re a cheese lover just like me, sometimes I add some mozzarella on top of the eggs.)


I need to have lunch because if I skip this I’m hungry until I eat my dinner, I get moody, tired and a headache when I’m really hungry so I need to refuel again when it’s lunchtime.
Eating keeps your metabolism going, the higher your metabolism the more calories you’ll burn.
This doesn’t mean that you should just eat every single moment you can.. Eat when you’re feeling hungry.

Yoghurt fruit parfaits

I start with a layer of fruit, followed up with a layer of yoghurt. Then add a layer of granola/oatmeal, a layer of yoghurt and end with a layer of fruit with some granola/oatmeal sprinkled on top for some crunch. Depending on the size of your glass/cup you can either add or remove layers.


Every now and then I like to make myself a sandwich. I try to look for whole grain bread, the darker the better. With a ‘special’ sandwich you can put on chicken, tuna or salmon (I’m a fish lover haha!)
I top that of with some occasional mozzarella and tomatoes and I’m done.  I don’t use fatty sauces such as mayonnaise.


For dinner I always try to incorporate either chicken, turkey or a kind of fish/seafood in my dish.
Alongside of that there are a looot of veggies XD I absolutely love veggies, I can’t help it.
Broccoli, carrots, mushrooms and so many more.. Veggies are your friends while getting fit in my opinion. They have flavor, nutrients and you can do a lot of different things with them.

Made some spicy green beans with broccoli, seasoned chicken and brown rice.

Snacking after dinner

Yep, I certainly do this. I work out in the evening so when I’m done my stomach in growling cause it wants to be filled after burning all those calories. So, I usually opt for some low-fat yoghurt with a piece of fruit, preferably banana’s because there’s natural melatonine in there which helps you sleep better.   Here’s some more for you :

Well that was it for now,
Next post is probably going to be about the International Meetup in Dusseldorf and I'm hellaaaa excited!! :DDD

dinsdag 22 januari 2013

Get sexy for spring! part 1

Hello dearies <3

Sorry I don't post so often ;o
I seem to start my posts a lot with an apology :")
I'm also sorry if this post looks a bit,.. all over the place, blogger is... being a b*tch to me today :")

So for this post, I want to write about my 'rules' when it comes to eating more healthy.
Why?  Because a lot of people try to live more healthy, 

eat healthy, get in shape as a new years resolution.
And i'm one of those people haha! Last summer I got in pretty good shape, lost a few kg's
and was eating pretty healthy. But then I went back to college and I gained those kg's back again.

Then i got inspired by a facebook event called : Get sexy for spring!
Click here for the link.

So, i picked up working out again and my healthier eating habits which i'd like to share with you!
I'm going to write a seperate post about what I actually eat because otherwise this post is going to be just a wall of text ;o; So, look out for the next post ;)

First of a few tips, or rather my 'rules'. You are probably already familiar with these tips, but they work for me, so it might be worth mentioning.

1. Don’t overeat

Even if you’re eating all the right stuff, don’t eat too much! Would you for example eat 6 oranges in a row? I wouldn’t. But if you drink a full glass of orange juice, which might seem really good, there are about 6 oranges in there. You wouldn’t eat them, but still drink them? I hope that kinda makes sense XD

2.  Not just the calories count

A lot of people who try to lose weight are just looking at those calories..

But there’s more than just counting calories, sadly. There’s sugar and fats in products too, so be sure to check those stats out too when cooking etc. I thought I was eating super healthy when I was eating my granola cereals, but hey, there’s a lot of sugar in those cereals. So now I made them my ‘cheat’ breakfast :”D


Seriously, drink your water. People know it but just can’t set their minds to it. Water not only helps to flush out the toxins in our body, is good for the skin, helps with weight loss…  You know the drill.
Keeping your body hydrated is the way to go. (That doesn’t mean you should drink 5 liters a day, don’t overdo it okay?) Here’s some more things water does for your body : 

4. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Yep. Did that once but ain’t doing that again! (No no, I didn’t give myself a eating disorder, but I only wanted the healthy foods.) It makes losing weight and getting in shape horrible o.o
I stopped eating all the bad foods all at once, and turned down everything bad. But hey, if you’re nana offers you a fresh piece of homemade apple pie, don’t say no to your nana. Take one piece and you’ll be fine! Same goes for birthday parties, a piece of cake won’t ruin everything for you..
Give yourself a reward every now and then! 

5. Variation

This is very important to me since I love food. Eating the same dish every single day would probably kill me and make me hate food :”) Eating the same things everyday is also not that good for you. You need a lot of different vitamins and nutrients.  So, be creative! The internet is your friend! Look up recipes, ask friends and just try out different things. Little by little you will know what you like and in the mean while you won’t be bored. 


Well, I hope you can get something out of these few tips ^^

Keep an eye out for the next post :)

dinsdag 8 januari 2013

Happy late new year... but it's still 2013 right?

Hello there <3

I'm reaaaally sorry for posting this soooo late..
Bad blogger, bad blogger.. ! D:
I've been so busy with the festivities themselves and just.. life I guess :O

But hey... better late than never ay? AY?

I didn't set any goals last year, so I don't know if I really accomplished something XD
So, I'll try to set some pointers for myself for 2013 and hopefully some may come true!

- Find a new study and LOVE IT TO DEATH.
I really miss school, for real. Staying home, doing nothing. Bleh.
By the time I'm in school again I'll probably hate it but that's okay XD
As long as I find something new, it's all good!

- Move out.
So because I stopped with school I also had to move back to my parents house.
And I hate it. Might sound really weird and stuff, but I just miss having my own rhythm.
(+ I'd really love to live together with my boyfriend. 
We talk about it a lot but since we both still have to find a new school, we can't just jump in to it because our studies might be at different locations. )

- Find a job.
So, I've been working for my mother for the last couple of years but it's time for something new. I need more experience than doing nails and checking orders and such.
(And I'm fed up with working for my mother really XD Working for your mother can be really good I guess but having my mom as my boss... Oh lordy..)

- Pick up drawing.
I used to be a decent artist. But, I just stopped because of the lack of time I guess..
(And inspiration..)
Because of this, I became kinda suckish at drawing.. So I want to retrain this skill and become better at it ^^

Man, it's been such a long time since I had a nice vacation ;O; 
I know there are people out there who never went on a vacation but ..
I really need it XD I want to be able to get out if this rainy hole and enjoy a week or so in the sun!

- Feel better about myself.
I've been feeling so down, inside and out. ;o;
So I want to make changes to feel better, inside and out.
I already started a workout program and am trying my best to stay positive ^^

So, do you guys have any wishes or dreams for 2013? :D

Here, enjoy some pictures of mostly food from the holidays haha XD
(Yay... fooooood o.o i love food..)

Have a great and healthy 2013 everybody!