maandag 24 december 2012

Xmas meetup!

Hello lovelies!

And merry christmas!!
 I hope you all have a lovely christmas with lots of love and amazing food haha!

last saturday was the christmas gal meetup in Amsterdam which i attended.
It was organised by the lovely Rina, whom I sadly didn't get to see :O
I had to leave early due to my chronic fatigue (seriously tho, always tired ;o;)
which suuucked so damn bad because I missed out on a great dinner and didn't get to see everybody.
(insert sad smiley face here)


(insert positive thumbs up here)

I was happy i could go at all :D
I got to see a few people who I misseeeed <3

First, we went into the city and did a bit of shopping.
Well.. I did some windowshopping myself because
 a) am broke and b) didn't see anything I particularly liked..
Buuuut that does mean I didn't spend any unnecessary money, so yaaaay me! XD

Sadly we didn't take many pictures because of the bad weather, man it was pouuring down!
We mostly hid in the stores haha~

So i'll just spam you with the pictures i do have :D

Did some camwhorin. I loveeee my new wig <3 o.o
I wasn't happy with my make-up that day, need more practice!!!! 

Outfit shot ; Not the best outfit shot, sorry XD 

Amsterdam! So sad it rained a lot :O I think this was the.. 3rd or 4th time i went to Amsterdam  but this was the second time actually being in the shopping area.
 It's not really my city, the smell of weed is everywhere. But I ain't really a city guuuuurl anyway..
*cough* couch potato *cough*

Lovely cards and presents I got from Jojo and Amber :D
The earrings Jojo gave to me are so adorable and I can't wait to eat that lollypop amber gave to me...
I'm such a sweet tooth :"D

Have a great day!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. actually I think your make-up looked really good! *u* and I like your outfit as well. I didn't have a chance to see it because we were wearing our coats all the time xD
    merry christmas! ^O^

    1. Ahh thank you ^^ It's just i need to find a way to apply the bottom lashes more neatly x3 Haha yes stupid coats :O Couldn't see your beautiful dress either! Merry christmas!

  2. Aww you look pretty! And such a nice outfit as well ^^
    Sweet gifts!

  3. Thank you ^^ I love the gifts, such sweet girls :D <3

  4. Lol I hardly recognized you with your hair like this XD It looks pretty on you though <3