maandag 3 december 2012

Recent purchases!

Hello lovelies!

Bwah, I'm sorry I don't have many interesting posts ;o;
There's just not that much to blog about in my daily life. Recently I've been hanging in my PJ's a lot because I'm feeling rather shitty these days -.- Personal life is being such a bitch lately, it ain't even funny anymore GAH.

What i have been doing is shopping online! I'm so happy this exists haha~
I can stay comfortable at home and just stay in my bed XD
(I'm such a lazy bastard..)

So here are a few of my purchases!
Any by no means i'm bragging or whatever, just want to put that out there. ;o;

A new wig! Remember the last one i showed you... it suuuucked so bad.
The fringe was really thin ;o; I reaally hope this one will look good cus i really like this style!

I like these kinds of headbands on other people so i hope these will look good on me too :O

A dreamV dress i bought from someone on the gyaru sales page ^^
Picture is from the owner, hopefully it will look good on me :D Would be the first time trying something in that style!

Ma*rs dress i bought from my dear friend jojo!
Hopefully she won't mind i used her picture of the dress!

Coat/vest thing i found on ebay! I'm hoping it will match with my liz lisa dress ^^

I really want to post some more interesting stuff!
I'm going to try my best! I also want to make my posts of a higher quality..
Edits and stuff on the pictures..

Well thank you for reading!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. OMG die pruik is ie bruin? Hij lijkt op mijn pruik XD haha en samen met die katternoortjes, nu nog dezelfde outfit en we kunnen twinnen >3

    1. Haha hij's black brown XD We zullen zien als k hem ontvang *-* Een kleine en een grote twin haha xD (en een witte en een zwarte... XD)

  2. the wig looks really pretty, i have also always a problem with the fringe at wigs, sadly often it looks just not natural at all ;;

    1. Thank you, i really hope it looks good haha! Yeah the fringe of my last wig was just terrible ;o; Luckily it was the first time the fringe was bad :O!

  3. I´m looking forward seeing you wearing your new items :3 the dresses are so cute ^w^