dinsdag 4 december 2012

New layout + Inspiration! (Picture heavy!)


So, i've been messing around in photoshop and ended up with this new layout!
I hope you like it :D At least it's improving in my opinion haha!
 I like this design way better than the old one!

Last post i mentioned that i wanted to change the quality of this blog, for the better.
I want to post more interesting and better looking stuff on here, so I hope it works out :O
I'll use this post as a little test, to see if it's likable ^^

So this post is all about my inspirations for the winter season and i guess gyaru in general.
I've been browsing various websites, especially tumblr to find some inspiration.
I divided it into categories such as : Style, make-up, brands and nails.
(Why no hair? Because it's so hard to do great gyaru stuff with my own hair, so wigs it is XD)


I just love cute outfits! I think they suit me the best.
Being more innocent, cute-like is just more my thing than dressing sexy i guess XD
 I still want to try other styles tho! Because there are also a lot of more adult looks i really like :)
(I love the third outfit so much amagawd<3)


Liz Lisa *-* I think this is my favorite brand! Y U SO EXPENSIVE!?
I just love their clothing a lot, it's so adorable :O

Ma*rs is another brand i really like. Yes, a lot of the clothing is sexy, but if i want to try something new,
Ma*rs items are certainly on top of the to-try list! I'm really happy I could buy a Ma*rs dress from my friend Jojo.

At first I was like, omfg this is waaaay toooo short for my liking D: But then after a while, I got used to it and now I love it XD So I certainly want more stuff :3
( Oh and yes I just spelled mars on the picture, too lazy to edit XD)



I'm still uncertain about what kind of make-up I really like on myself. But this is mostly because I just don't wear the make-up enough. I'm just too lazy to put on
 full make-up if I know I'm just staying inside.. (which I do a lot XD)

I really hope I find some more motivation to just do my make-up and happily sit behind my laptop with it XD

The above pictures show what I would love to have my make-up look like. :)


I love cute looking, pink, not tooo long nails *-*
The second picture is perfect, it's not to dramatic! :D Bit still really nice IMO.

I love nail-art :DD But I simply don't have enough time to work on my own nails everytime  :(
This is because I actually work in a nail salon and you might think i'd have amazing nails all the time,
but due to all the filing, polishing nails etc I tend to ruin my nails XD
So I only do my nails when I'm going to meet-ups. 

Other random inspiring pictures 

pink bowpink bow

I hoped you liked this kind of post ^^
 I thought it was fun to edit the pictures and stuff sooo hopefully you do like it.. or else.. JK!

Also added little divider thingies gege~
Let me know what you think! Would you like to see my future posts 'designed' like this?
Or would you rather see my more simple, empty posts XD?

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Absolutely love the nails! ♥♥♥
    XOXO Ri ♥

  2. the outfits are amazingly cute, as is your layout! <3

  3. I was felt in your blog and I really like it *_* I think I will follow lol! Love your style, so sweet!!!
    Liz lisa is my favorite brand to but it's to expansive ;_;
    Hope to read other post :)

    Ps: ahaha my english suxx a little bit. I'm french!