woensdag 12 december 2012

My xmas wishlist!

Hello everybody!

I can't take any decent pictures because i currently can't use my camera!
The charger is being lonely in my other house (sounding rich, but no, sadly, no XD)
Still need to bring all my stuff from my rented room to my parents house..

So please bare with me, this weekend I will get it back if all goes well!
And then.. more pictures, I promise :3

Every year me and my brother make a little wishlist for christmas for our parents so that they have an idea of what they could give us as a present. They want us to do this because they are afraid they might buy us something we don't like XD But tbh, just the fact that they want to give us a present..
I already appreciate the thought you know o.o

I also love to buy presents for people!
It's always a bit risky, since my parents don't make a wishlist but they just love the whole idea of receiving something too i guess xd
Unwrapping gifts together is a lot of fun :D

So i'd like to share my wishlist with you all.
Now please, remember, these are just stuff I'd like to have... I don't expect to get them, okay? :O

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I reaaaally could use a pair of boots for winter! Currently... I don't really have any nice ones that suit my style. I've been borrowing my mothers black boots and I can't always do that so... Yeah :O

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I would love some new lenses, you can never have enough right?
I own 3 pair of lenses now but I'd like a pair of bigger brown once.
My first pair were the GEO angel brown and they are only 14 mm and too tiny for my own taste.

I looked up a couple of brown lenses and until now I really like the Max Pure brown ones.

Does anyone of you have experience with these?

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Before the halloween party I noticed something bad... 
A huge ink splotch on the pocket of my coat -.- 
I'm such a dumbass.. I forgot a ink pen in my pocket... SO BAD.
The rest of the coat is just fine... but a pretty new coat for more special occasions would be nice :O
I look like a total hobo now ;O;

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The Walking frikkin Dead

Ugh, well this is not something anybody can give me but...
I absolutely love The Walking Dead!!!!
But sadly... new episodes won't be up until February...

I have no idea who spelled february like that, but o well.. 
you are forgiven because of the walking dead. :3

Well, until next time and I hope you all get what you desire for christmas ^^

13 opmerkingen:

  1. aaw I love both pair of boots! *u* where did you find them? I honestly think that those circle lenses aren't going to give much color and that your eyes will just appear big&black which might be good if you're going for a natural look though

    1. Ebay is your friend my dear haha! Also, i'd like to have a more natural pair of lenses tho, that's why i picked out those :P

  2. I love the Max Pure. I had the browns a year ago they were so comfortable very natural. They just lighten my eye colour a bit

    1. Ah thank you for your comment! I read that they were very comfortable so it's good to get it confirmed haha :D

  3. :)I wish I´d know what to get for christmas too >.<
    it´s so chaotic this year so I just bought most of the stuff myself and my family paid >.< of course not everything so I still have some surprises :3 I look forward to everything and of course the christmas food :)
    and the meet up before :3! seeing you guys again, discovering a new city and eat sushi, sounds like a perfect day ^w^

    and zombies are sooo scary XD I could never watch an episode of twd. haha I tried because Ben loves zombie movies and games but it was impossible XDDD

    1. Yeah it's really chaotic here too :") Luckily i'm done with my christmas shopping for the rest of the family xD
      And i can't wait to see everybody again too, I bet it's gonna be a lot of fun just like last time ^^

      Haha aww <3 I couldn't watch it either when i was a bit younger, now they don't seem that scary anymore xd

  4. Nice wishlist! The boots and coat look lovely ^^

    1. Haha yeah i also like the boots a lot! And the coats were just random pictures of coats i would like to get, something similar and cute xd

  5. Hi dear^^! I've the hight bots ( 2 pic) and are really beautifull:)!! and i've the max pure lense too XD...suit very wel and have a super natural effect and good enlargement.
    I hope that you can realize your wish list soon^^!


    1. Hello :D thank you for your comment! If i get them i'll surely write about it and hopefully everything will be of the quality you speak of ^^

    2. Aww your blog is so cute and I love your wishlist!! I want all these things too xD Btw your profile is too cute, and I'm a dork too for the same reasons :) It's nice to find someone with the same interests ♥


    3. Aww thank you so much ^^ Makes me smile that people like it haha~ And yes, i always like to meet people with the same interests xd We dorky people need to unite haha!

  6. First of all you are really pretty ;)
    And I don't know if you still want to know but I had the max pure brown before and they really comfortable and super natural. They were my first lenses and they are really nice but they too big for me, but if you are looking for bigger lenses you should devinitif try these :D