maandag 19 november 2012

Quick update!

Waaaah, times are busy. Very busy O.O
Especially december is going to be a blogfilling month haha, so many things i am going to attend!
Atleast i'll have a social life XD

So, what have i been up to?
I've been really busy with school and my personal life.
And... i've made the decision to stop with school. The study i'm doing now is just getting more boring and boring and i feel i'm so smart for it. ;o;
(Not meaning to brag or something.. but it's been way to easy for me, i don't feel challenged and that's really important for me!)
Stopping with school would also mean i have to go live back at home again, which is also a huge change i need to adjust to. My life is kind of upside down now :O
Which explains the lack of posting, i also seem to have lost a follower, whoops.

So, here are a few thingies i'd like to share with you :

Had some KFC with the boyfriend.
Unhealthy? yes. Yummy? YES!

Skirt i bought from Kari :D

Liz Lisa dresses! Right one is supposed to be a replica. The left one is forreals. 
Details (Photo from the seller. )

Outfit :) I felt inspired by Jojo!
Her post :

Until next time!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. yaay I love all your clothes and the outfit! good luck with finding a new study etc! <3

  2. That outfit looks adorable on you :3 <3

  3. Nice purchases! And I like your outfit, it looks good on you ^^
    And yummy, KFC, unhealthy but yummy!