dinsdag 6 november 2012

Halloween party!

Hello everybody :D

I knoooow i should be writing about the convention...
but i'd rather write about the halloween party from last saturday!
It was so much fun and everybody looked amazing ^^

The day before I already went to Jojo's place because we both organised the party.
We wanted to decorate her house.. but we didn't have the time for it :(

So here is my outfit for that day... Nothing special.. also blurry picture :"D
I reaaaally need to work on my outfit pictures. (And i need to clean my mirror, big time!)

When i arrived we (me, jojo and sazh) went to get some dinner fast, because i believe we
were all hungry, atleast me and jojo were haha XD
We went to get some really healthy food :"D

So on to the next day!
The original plan was to spend some time in the city but it was too cold and rainy ><
So we decided to go to Jojo's right away after picking everybody up at the station.

First up a picture of mah face. I really don't like taking close-up pictures XD
My make-up wasn't what i planned because my lower lashes didn't arrive on time..
So... i know a lot of people probably won't like this or approve of it...
buuuut i drew my lower lashes on XD
My hair also wasn't exactly what i planned either.. *nag nag nag*
Okay done nagging x3

Here are the rest of the pictures :D

Eri, Rina, Me, Jojo and Amber!

Me and Jojo <3 She's just the sweetest thing, seriously!

Rina showed us some video on youtube which gave you the feeling you used LSD? xD
It was really weird :") You had to stare at the video for a while and when you looked away from the screen everything was kinda blurry and wavy..
Drugs are bad Mkay!?

More healthy food that day XD
Well.. my pizza was kinda healthy.. i had broccoli on it XD

Taking weird pictures with the Ipad... It was a halloween party after all :"D

We played singstar soooo long haha, Everybody had such a beautiful voice XD <3
It really was so much fun.. Even sang Britney Spears..

Later in the evening we watched the movie "Devil Inside".
I kept looking away at points that i thought would be scary but in the end.. the movie wasn't scary at all XD /fail.
We talked more than watching the movie anyway.. Which was good!

I reaaaally had an amazing day!
And i hope to see everybody fast, these girls (and boys ofcourse!) are just the greatest <3

Until next time,

8 opmerkingen:

  1. haha yaaay! always fun to read other's blogposts too even when you went to the same event! xD and thanks for the compliment haha x3 I hope to see everyone soon!

    1. Haha i love reading your posts XD <3 And you are a sweet girl, nobody be talking shit bout you hmhm *z-snap* I hope to see everybody soon toooooo!

  2. "We played singstar soooo long haha, Everybody had such a beautiful voice XD <3
    It really was so much fun.. Even sang Britney Spears.." I immediately thought about Ben´s solo :D hahah omg such a wonderful memory :3 and many more ;) really was a nice day!

    1. Hahah yes i loved how everybody at one point just didn't care anymore about how they sounded and just went with it haha <3 It was really nice indeed!!

  3. Chelsey, I do NOT approve of drawn-on lower lashes!! D;
    How can anyone possibly make a big deal out of something like that? XD
    I had much fun as well! <3

    1. Hahahah i dunno, but there are always people out there trying to pull you down on every single bit :P!
      Soo much fun haha XD Best mario party partner evah XD

  4. Jij bent echt een mooi meisje! :)


    1. Wat een compliment, dankjewel :O Maar jij ook o.o i love the shape of your brows and lips!