maandag 22 oktober 2012

Recent buys~

Hello everybody ^^

Writing a short post about some recent buys i made last week or so~
Last weekend was very busy as i had to work at a beauty convention in Venray.
I will write a post about that, since i took pictures with my phone there ^^
I will elaborate more about the convention in the next post!

So i went on an ebay spree to find some new stuff!


I really wanted to buy some new lower lashes because i want to try a more dramatic make-up style.
I thought it would be best to first buy some cheaper once before investing in more expensive lower lashes.
Until now, my make-up has been rather natural looking so i'm looking forward to experiment with these~!

Halloween costume

Me and Jojo are organising a halloween party in november so i looked and looked for a costume that wasn't that expensive (since i won't be wearing this very often).
And then i came across this dress! It looks piratey but i'm going to make myself look like a vampire with this dress ^^

I really hope the dress will be delivered on time, that it fits and that it looks like the picture..
I would be very sad if i couldn't wear it to the party :(


Another thing i really wanted was a new wig!
Since my hair is so difficult to work with in the gyaru style seeing as my hair is really frizzy and curly, wigs are just perfect for me o.o
I really hope i can do a great hairstyle with my own hair in the near future tho~
While looking for my new wig i wanted it to be black and not curly..
I wanted a wig that i could wear more often and was easier to maintain than the other one i own (So much curly hair amagerd) XD

So... i came across this wig! It's always risky buying a wig from a buyer you don't know yet.
I hope the quality is good! When i receive it i will be sure to let you know how it looks and feels ^^


Lastly, i ordered a new pair of lenses!
I wanted a pair of grey ones since i love grey eyes :O
And it would also suit my vampire look for the halloween party..
Sooo i went and bought the GEO Morning Glory ones.
I already own the green ones from this series ^^

I tried the grey ones one without make-up already and i was pretty pleased with them!
Their not too bright but change of color is definitely noticable :D
I will post pictures when i received everything so i can do some decent make-up while showing them!

Have an awesome day!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. I like the halloween outfit! Will you post a photo of it when you have worn it? ^^

  2. OMG You'll be such a sexy vampire <3 <3 <3

  3. Hi there~ I saw the pics of your Halloween outfit on Jojo's blog and thought your looked absolutely stunning! *o* (Though TBH I still thought your were a pirate haha. orz) I'm gonna' follow you, so post lots of lovely pictures of your more dramatic look when your lashes arrive, okay~? <333 ^3^

    1. Ah i've only seen your comment now :O Thank you for the compliment ^^ and i will ^^ <3