woensdag 3 oktober 2012

Juul's bday party!

Hellooo everybody!

I'm sorry for not blogging any worthy posts but sadly i haven't received the pictures yet!
(But there's a good reason for it tho, so don't worry, they will show up on my blog eventually ^^)
So todays post will be a few pictures of Juul's bday party!

A fun day it was haha XD Met some new people, very funny people.
I'm really grateful for meeting so many new, cool and friendly people thru this o.o
I might say this a lot, be warned!

So here is the story...
I went to a city close to eindhoven and met up with the few people who came by train.
I really don't like traveling, especially alone, luckily the lovely Jess aka Scarlet Penta was my trustworthy traveling companion! :D

We then went to Juul's appartment which is just so lovely!
I wish i had an appartment like that for myself instead of sharing everything with 4 other girls D:
We had an awesome cake baked by Imke and after a lot of talking we went out for some 'Bicky' burgers.
(Belgian burger, it was good!)

I also have to say that there were a lot of perverted people that day <<
One came running after us to get a picture with us but we refused and he got all
"Be glad someone wants to take a picture with you"
stfu creepy man, stfu. ><

So with that, i will leave you with a few pictures..
Not much, but enjoy ya'll!

Aweeesome birthdaycake that juul got! Avengeeerss!

Reading through some japanese magazines ^^

Me, jojo and danchelle ^^

You know the drill!

Le fooods! I love sweet foods, especially pastries!
The birthday girl herself! I love her hair omahgerd.
Aaaaand a random picture of myself.
I really need to work on my brows haha XD

 Have an amazing day!

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