woensdag 17 oktober 2012


Hello everyone!

Today's post has nothing to do with gyaru or fashion!
Just a heads up haha~  I never intended to make this a gyaru only blog tho..
So hopefully y'all won't mind ^^

But i'd like to share pictures of the Floriade in Venlo I visited a while back with school.
It's a big expo that is organized every 4 years and it's all about horticulture.

Me and my classmates expected to see a loooot of flowers, but this turned out to be the wrong idea.
Floriade - Flora... No, we made the wrong link which was too bad because I love flowers :O
But I also think we were to late to see the good flowers and that these were showcased during the warmer periods.

The park was set up in different area's such as "Relax & Heal", "Green Engine" and "Education & Innovation". There were a few more sections but I found these the most interesting.

The park was also really big, and I felt really sorry for the girls who were wearing heels..
Or rather.. I'd be more honest if I found it really dumb to wear big heels to such an event as this o.o

So, here are some pictures I took at the Floriade,
I didn't explore the whole park due the fact that it was raining and we left early!
Enjoy some pretty awesome and strange things I found :"D 

A christmas piggy!

Koi fish! I absolutely love these :D

And you could also feed them! *insta happy*
So ofcourse i had to feed them hehehe..

The Chinese gardens in the park were the prettiest!

They also had some fashion related pictures in the park.. I didn't find out why tho :O

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow that place looks so amazing!! :o I like Koi fishes too^^ and I think that house(?) looks the most awesome^ ^

    1. Yeah it was in the chinese garden, surely the prettiest place in the park :D

  2. the chinese gardens looks so beautiful *-* and the pig is so cute haha. seems like a nice event!
    *goes back to homework*

    1. It was really pretty :O hahaha i laughed when i saw the pig because it was so extremely random haha XD