donderdag 13 september 2012

Updaaate, updaaaate~

Hello uperdupersupersugaryunicorns of mine!
 (Sorry, i'm high on sugar and lots of laughing! XD Blame it on the popcorn and the movie i just went to see!)

I wanted to write a short blogpost, a minor update just to keep writing (:
Last sunday i went to juul's small birthday meetup and it was so much fun!
Met a few new people and got to see some friends again too. I will make a seperate blogpost about it when i receive the pictures ^^ So for now, here's a sneakpeek :

Jojo, me and Danchelle <3 SAY CHEEESE. If there's one thing i can do, it's smile XD
No matter how small my eyes may look haha

So, first things first,
i'd like to share something really nice with you! (atleast i think it is x3)
One of my subjects at school is actually : Gaming.

I'm really into gaming and really want to know more about the world of Game Designers.
Our teacher shared a link with us in class saying that if we'd like, we could watch the movie at home.
And i did! (I'm such a lazy bastard sometimes so i am actually suprised i looked it up :"D)
But anyway... I was soooo fascinated and inspired O.O
Here's the link :

Jane McGonigal is such an inspiring woman.. seriously! I think she's amazing, really!
Please, watch this and tell me what you think!

Another thing i can update about are a few of my purchases. I haven't received them yet but i'd like to share with you : 
Bought from Ina! (in black)

Tralala dress! Bought from Juul ^^

 Ebay purchases 
In pink ^^

I hope it will all fit :"D I'm by no way asian sized but if i measured correctly, it SHOULD fit.
but you never know untill you get to fit the clothing, right? Yeah.. *fingers crossed*

Well, that was my short update ^^
I really hope you clicked that freakin link and enjoyed the hell out of it XD <3

Have an amazing day, whenever, whoever reads this!

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