maandag 20 augustus 2012

Small meetup in Dusseldorf!

Hey! ^^

I want to write about my weekend this time... it was awesome! 
Last friday I went to the lovely Jojo together with the funny Terry because we were going to Dusseldorf the day after. But because of the 3 hour train trip Jojo offered me and Terry her lovely couch to sleep on so we could all travel together <3 Thanks again Jojo!

Friday evening we ate and talked, talked talked.. We didn't really talk before this in real life so there was a lot of stuff we could discuss, to get to know each other. It was a lot of fun!

The next morning we got up really early. Eventhough i'm not a early bird it wasn't that hard to get up at 5.30 in the morning for me, I was rather energetic for once :"D We got ourself ready and went to the train station.
In the train we met up with the adorable and pretty Cookie Cat aka Eri! We were all a bit nervous because we didn't speak the same language, but all went well and everybody's english was so good! 

When we arrived at Dusseldorf we went to this japanese bookstore, heaven for Terry! She studies Japanese and wanted to find some good books. She was so happy X3

Then, we met up with Sui and Ina! They are such nice girls, beautiful and easy to talk with! Sui was worried about her english but really, her english is good! :D
We took purikura! It was my first time taking these, and it went better than expected XD 

Jojo, me and Terry 

Me and terry!

Me, Jojo, Sui, Terry and Eri!

Herp derp XD
It was soooo hot outside, inside, everywhere this day :"D
So we got some bubble tea ^^  
Never before i longed for a cold drink like this, my face was melting off XD

Green tea, pineapple and mango flavour (:

After the refreshing drink we went shopping. I could show you lots of pictures of what I bought, but I won't. Because, well.. I only bought a flower for in my hair XD I couldn't really find something that suits me, so I chose to be wise for a day and didn't spend my money on clothing I wasn't going to wear anyway.
Yay for me :"D

Here are some more pictures :

Funny elevator :"D

Well.. We could have a discussion about that, cus I sure hope heaven is a bit more ...
fluffy and stuff.. Jokin, jokin ofcourse,

Me and Jojo <3

Terry planking :"D The shop staff must have wanted to kick us out..

The group :D
Derp time!

And to conclude this post I want to share a blurry picture of my eye makeup from the day!

It was greaaaat and I hope to meet up with everybody soon!
And... I will! Wednesday is the beach meet, woooeh <3


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  1. You look beautiful! ♥
    The planking photo looks so fun and I had to laugh, you were all lucky that you weren't kicked out. That elevator is from hell! *takes the stairs*

    1. Thank you! ^^ Haha yeah, i really thought they would kick us out but they didn't say anything :'D Well I thought it was kinda funny that they 'decorated' the elevator like that, not sure why tho :P

  2. Hi Cheru~! I've come by to tell you that I've tagged you and 10 other bloggers for the Liebster Award(♥

    1. I'll make a post about this soon! Thank you for tagging me <3