woensdag 1 augustus 2012

Shopping Haul at Luik

Hey everybody ^^

A few changes have been made, can you see? I changed the blogname and the look of the blog. 
The old name was just there untill i came up with a better one. Cherushii's World felt too cheesy to me, so.. normal. So I changed it! The new name is actually from one of my favorite games, Eternal Sonata. I think it sounds pretty! I'm also trying to get used to blogspot, so bear with me! Trying to find out how my posts look the best!

So now on with this post, my shopping haul from last saturday!
I went to Luik/Liège with my mother and my grandmother, a little, girls day out. We actually never do stuff together because my grandma can't walk long distances and my mom is always busy. So I'm glad we had this day together. ^^

I bought a lot of stuff XD I really thought I was going home without any money left, but I should have known.. I'm always lucky when it comes to shopping!

We shopped at Primark, Claire's and H&M. They had a lot of nice stuff actually, but it was super busy. Never seen it this busy before. But it could be expected since everybody is free from school.. But that didn't stop me from finding some nice items. I didn't take pictures of everything cus well, I don't think you're interested in my undies :"D


Hello Kitty and My Little Pony. I love them XD <3


All from Primark

Gifts from my grandmother. There was a 5 for 5 deal at
Claire's so she got a few items and me too.
Flowers all from Primark.
Hat is a gift from my grandmother at Claire's.

Random gifts and gets

Sportswear from H&M. I love working out (:

I love these little pictures!
Cute food! I got these for my room  from my mother.

Also practical gifts from my mother. In the second picture you can see
my new candy/food printed  bedsheets <3

So, that was it for my shopping haul ^^
I also bought some other online stuff. I got new lenses, a new wig and new lashes. As soon as I get my lashes I will do a review on the lenses I got so I can show you how they look with proper lashes!

Well, that was it for now! Have a great day!

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