dinsdag 7 augustus 2012

Danchelle's Birthday Meet

 Hey you, behind the screen!
(and maybe the occasional smart phone)

Todays entry is all about the meeting I went to last sunday : Danchelle's Birthday Meet!
For you who don't know who she is... She's a super friendly, funny and pretty lolita :D
I met her on the Gyaru Picknick and we stayed in touch. Yay for Facebook!

On the way over I met Scarlet Penta in the train, she lives near me apparently and was in the same train.

So i'll just spam you with pictures from Sunday now ~

Waiting for everybody to arrive at the station in Eindhoven

Random picture of me haha

Nina ~ She's so cute ^^ 

Yet another picknick!

The birthday giiiiirl~

A cake for the birthday girl!

Cuties : Deborah, Anne, Leyla, Danchelle and Juul.

Suddenly Danchelle noticed how long our tongues were.. 

Haha, just a random funny picture with Danchelle <3

My outfit for the day (:

After the picknick some of us went to a little japanese restaurant!
This is what i had for dinner :
Vegetarian Gyoza

Salmon Teppan Yaki~
Pictures by Leyla

It was a such a fun day! Seriously haha! I always say it was a fun day, but well, being around all these nice girls is an instant nice day haha~

See you next time,

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  1. That looks like it was heaps of fun! :D Everyone and you looked adorable ; 3 ; ♥

  2. The meet-up was very fun! You looked very cute in that outfit ^^