donderdag 23 augustus 2012

The Liebster Award


Todays blogpost will be all about ME mwuahahah. No just kidding, kinda. But i did get tagged by dear Scarlet for the Liebster Award. What is this you ask? Well, let me tell you :
This is an award for bloggers who have less than 200 followers. (So basicly... nobody knows you!)
Nah, again, just kidding. It's a sweet thing, just like the name states : Liebster!

I got 11 questions about myself from Scarlet to answer. So are you ready to get to know me a little better? I might turn out to be one crazy bag lady you know, just giving you a warning :"D

The questions :
1. Describe your dream profession

My dream profession... This is kinda hard to answer tbh. But, i do know that i want to work in the entertainment industry (And no, entertainment does not mean stripping, pervert!). I'd love to work in the game world. Either designing characters, coming up with stories, level design, programming, voice acting SOMETHING! I love gaming and one of my subjects next year will actually be gaming, im so excited for that :D!

2. Who is your favorite  villain in comics?
Well, i don't really read comics, so is manga/anime also okay? :"D Cause without really giving it a thought i would have to go with... ulquiorra or halibel (bleach). Ulquiorra just, i don't know, he's so... mysterious! I couldn't help but like him, bad guy or not. And halibel, well she's just one fierce babe! I really liked her background story. She might be 'evil' but she cared about her subordinates.

3. What’s your fashion style?
Hmm.. Well, on an everyday basis i'm rather casual. I wear pants, skirts and dresses, I don't really have one style. If i dress gyaru I like rokku and sweet/cute looking styles the best. (Talk about opposites attract, sheesh.)

4. Do you prefer windows or Macintosh?
Windows really.. We work with mac pc's at school and they freak me out! Probably because i'm just not used to them :"D

5. If there was one place you would like to live for a year or 2 which place would it be?
Somewhere with a pretty beach. Crystal clear 'blue' waters attract me! I love beautiful scenery.

6. which is your favorite Disney film?
By far, it has always been the Lion King. I think it's the first one i have ever seen but i'm not sure. Every time i watch it i still need to cry :"D

7. How many languages can you speak?
Hm... Fluently : 2 :"D English and Dutch. Languages i'm supposed to know how to speak : German and French but i'm suckish at it.. Hurr hurr.

8. Which is the song you have been listening to a lot recently?
I actually listen to a playlist when listening to music haha. But if i need to choose one it would be 2NE1 - I love you.

9. What is your favorite TV show/series?
God i watch a lot... All time favorite.. Pokémon! I could easily start all over a again haha! I am and will always be a pokenerd!

10. Which is your favorite season?
Summer! I just love to get my tan on and wear flowy, summery things. Everything just looks so happy when the sun shines.^^

11. Which is your favorite drink?
Green tea or Pineapple juice are good (:

So, you need to tag 11 people for this but i won't. I know a lot of people who already got tagged and or not waiting on another one of these things :P So i'll leave you with 5 questions and will tag less people (I'm lazy like that) :

1. What do you like the most about yourself? Body and soul!
2. Your favorite school subject (high school) and why?
3. If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?
4. Cats or dogs?
5. What's the most fun thing you have ever done?

I tag JojoRina and Terry ^^
Have fun, if you won't answer that's also okay ^^ Don't feel obligated!

Thanks for reading and have a great day <3

maandag 20 augustus 2012

Small meetup in Dusseldorf!

Hey! ^^

I want to write about my weekend this time... it was awesome! 
Last friday I went to the lovely Jojo together with the funny Terry because we were going to Dusseldorf the day after. But because of the 3 hour train trip Jojo offered me and Terry her lovely couch to sleep on so we could all travel together <3 Thanks again Jojo!

Friday evening we ate and talked, talked talked.. We didn't really talk before this in real life so there was a lot of stuff we could discuss, to get to know each other. It was a lot of fun!

The next morning we got up really early. Eventhough i'm not a early bird it wasn't that hard to get up at 5.30 in the morning for me, I was rather energetic for once :"D We got ourself ready and went to the train station.
In the train we met up with the adorable and pretty Cookie Cat aka Eri! We were all a bit nervous because we didn't speak the same language, but all went well and everybody's english was so good! 

When we arrived at Dusseldorf we went to this japanese bookstore, heaven for Terry! She studies Japanese and wanted to find some good books. She was so happy X3

Then, we met up with Sui and Ina! They are such nice girls, beautiful and easy to talk with! Sui was worried about her english but really, her english is good! :D
We took purikura! It was my first time taking these, and it went better than expected XD 

Jojo, me and Terry 

Me and terry!

Me, Jojo, Sui, Terry and Eri!

Herp derp XD
It was soooo hot outside, inside, everywhere this day :"D
So we got some bubble tea ^^  
Never before i longed for a cold drink like this, my face was melting off XD

Green tea, pineapple and mango flavour (:

After the refreshing drink we went shopping. I could show you lots of pictures of what I bought, but I won't. Because, well.. I only bought a flower for in my hair XD I couldn't really find something that suits me, so I chose to be wise for a day and didn't spend my money on clothing I wasn't going to wear anyway.
Yay for me :"D

Here are some more pictures :

Funny elevator :"D

Well.. We could have a discussion about that, cus I sure hope heaven is a bit more ...
fluffy and stuff.. Jokin, jokin ofcourse,

Me and Jojo <3

Terry planking :"D The shop staff must have wanted to kick us out..

The group :D
Derp time!

And to conclude this post I want to share a blurry picture of my eye makeup from the day!

It was greaaaat and I hope to meet up with everybody soon!
And... I will! Wednesday is the beach meet, woooeh <3


dinsdag 7 augustus 2012

Danchelle's Birthday Meet

 Hey you, behind the screen!
(and maybe the occasional smart phone)

Todays entry is all about the meeting I went to last sunday : Danchelle's Birthday Meet!
For you who don't know who she is... She's a super friendly, funny and pretty lolita :D
I met her on the Gyaru Picknick and we stayed in touch. Yay for Facebook!

On the way over I met Scarlet Penta in the train, she lives near me apparently and was in the same train.

So i'll just spam you with pictures from Sunday now ~

Waiting for everybody to arrive at the station in Eindhoven

Random picture of me haha

Nina ~ She's so cute ^^ 

Yet another picknick!

The birthday giiiiirl~

A cake for the birthday girl!

Cuties : Deborah, Anne, Leyla, Danchelle and Juul.

Suddenly Danchelle noticed how long our tongues were.. 

Haha, just a random funny picture with Danchelle <3

My outfit for the day (:

After the picknick some of us went to a little japanese restaurant!
This is what i had for dinner :
Vegetarian Gyoza

Salmon Teppan Yaki~
Pictures by Leyla

It was a such a fun day! Seriously haha! I always say it was a fun day, but well, being around all these nice girls is an instant nice day haha~

See you next time,

woensdag 1 augustus 2012

Shopping Haul at Luik

Hey everybody ^^

A few changes have been made, can you see? I changed the blogname and the look of the blog. 
The old name was just there untill i came up with a better one. Cherushii's World felt too cheesy to me, so.. normal. So I changed it! The new name is actually from one of my favorite games, Eternal Sonata. I think it sounds pretty! I'm also trying to get used to blogspot, so bear with me! Trying to find out how my posts look the best!

So now on with this post, my shopping haul from last saturday!
I went to Luik/Liège with my mother and my grandmother, a little, girls day out. We actually never do stuff together because my grandma can't walk long distances and my mom is always busy. So I'm glad we had this day together. ^^

I bought a lot of stuff XD I really thought I was going home without any money left, but I should have known.. I'm always lucky when it comes to shopping!

We shopped at Primark, Claire's and H&M. They had a lot of nice stuff actually, but it was super busy. Never seen it this busy before. But it could be expected since everybody is free from school.. But that didn't stop me from finding some nice items. I didn't take pictures of everything cus well, I don't think you're interested in my undies :"D


Hello Kitty and My Little Pony. I love them XD <3


All from Primark

Gifts from my grandmother. There was a 5 for 5 deal at
Claire's so she got a few items and me too.
Flowers all from Primark.
Hat is a gift from my grandmother at Claire's.

Random gifts and gets

Sportswear from H&M. I love working out (:

I love these little pictures!
Cute food! I got these for my room  from my mother.

Also practical gifts from my mother. In the second picture you can see
my new candy/food printed  bedsheets <3

So, that was it for my shopping haul ^^
I also bought some other online stuff. I got new lenses, a new wig and new lashes. As soon as I get my lashes I will do a review on the lenses I got so I can show you how they look with proper lashes!

Well, that was it for now! Have a great day!