dinsdag 24 juli 2012


Hey there!

So today was such a fun but tiring day! I had to babysit one of my mom's friends little son, Aydin.
He's such a cute kid but boy, he can run like the wind!
I want to share a few pictures of the day with ya'll and show you how cute he is ^^ (No pictures of me because I didn't find this a good reason to doll up or something since I'm just babysitting an active little boy.)

So we started with some water fun because it was so hot outside :O
(Another good reason NOT to doll up XD I got a free bath!)

After gettim him dressed I thought it would be a nice idea to go and play outside since the family lives near a little playground. He ran and ran and ran! He started to climb a playhouse that was way too large for him to even get on so I had to keep a good eye on him. Kids falling, not on my duty!

Blowing some bubbles together..

After a lot of fun it was time for some lunch! While eating his sandwiches *nom nom* we watched some TV.
Also, they have such a cute cat *_*

And after all that playing one can expect this to happen..

Sleep well little one!


Something else, a little while ago I saw this pretty dress
 in H&M but I didn't buy it..

But people who know me, or shop with me know that
I'm such a bargain hunter XD

So yesterday, before seeing the new Batman movie (WHICH WAS EPIC) I went into H&M again...
AND! The dress was now only 10 euro's! :DDD


My next post will probably contain a few party pictures and my Primark Haul since I'm going there this saturday with my mother and grandma ^^

Have an awesome day!

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