dinsdag 24 juli 2012


Hey there!

So today was such a fun but tiring day! I had to babysit one of my mom's friends little son, Aydin.
He's such a cute kid but boy, he can run like the wind!
I want to share a few pictures of the day with ya'll and show you how cute he is ^^ (No pictures of me because I didn't find this a good reason to doll up or something since I'm just babysitting an active little boy.)

So we started with some water fun because it was so hot outside :O
(Another good reason NOT to doll up XD I got a free bath!)

After gettim him dressed I thought it would be a nice idea to go and play outside since the family lives near a little playground. He ran and ran and ran! He started to climb a playhouse that was way too large for him to even get on so I had to keep a good eye on him. Kids falling, not on my duty!

Blowing some bubbles together..

After a lot of fun it was time for some lunch! While eating his sandwiches *nom nom* we watched some TV.
Also, they have such a cute cat *_*

And after all that playing one can expect this to happen..

Sleep well little one!


Something else, a little while ago I saw this pretty dress
 in H&M but I didn't buy it..

But people who know me, or shop with me know that
I'm such a bargain hunter XD

So yesterday, before seeing the new Batman movie (WHICH WAS EPIC) I went into H&M again...
AND! The dress was now only 10 euro's! :DDD


My next post will probably contain a few party pictures and my Primark Haul since I'm going there this saturday with my mother and grandma ^^

Have an awesome day!

zaterdag 21 juli 2012


On the 7th of june I went to my first meeting and met a lot of gorgeous and very nice girls!

They were all so kind ! I didn't get to talk to all of em, because there were a lot of people^^
It was a really fun and exciting day for me, since it was the first time x3 So much pressureeee! XD

Anyway, the meeting was a picknick in Utrecht at a very nice park. Ducks everywhere and a big ass fountain in the center that gave us showers once in a while during the day.

So, I'll just share some pictures I stole from others! *steals* (I didn't bring my camera because my mom borrowed it)

My outfit :)

Really like this picture haha^^


Hello and welcome to my blog!^^

I tried to blog before but as usual I get lazy and just forget all about it... But this time it will be different!
A lot of my recently made friends blog and i'd like to follow in their footsteps..

So, who is this new and improved blogger?
My name is Chelsey, 19 years old and live in the Netherlands.
Currently i'm studying CO-IEMES : Communication, International Events, Music and Entertainment Studies :)

I'm into a lot of different stuff such gaming, art, gyaru (atleast i'm trying to be :"D) and anime. A few games that I love are : Mirror's Edge, The AC series, CoD and various RPG games such as Eternal Sonata and Tales of Vesperia.

I'm a huge dork on the inside and try to be the best version of me on the outside.

What you can expect to read here are posts about my daily life such as events, outfit snaps, random ramblings etc.

I hope y'all are gonna like my blog and motivate me to do so! ^^