maandag 24 december 2012

Xmas meetup!

Hello lovelies!

And merry christmas!!
 I hope you all have a lovely christmas with lots of love and amazing food haha!

last saturday was the christmas gal meetup in Amsterdam which i attended.
It was organised by the lovely Rina, whom I sadly didn't get to see :O
I had to leave early due to my chronic fatigue (seriously tho, always tired ;o;)
which suuucked so damn bad because I missed out on a great dinner and didn't get to see everybody.
(insert sad smiley face here)


(insert positive thumbs up here)

I was happy i could go at all :D
I got to see a few people who I misseeeed <3

First, we went into the city and did a bit of shopping.
Well.. I did some windowshopping myself because
 a) am broke and b) didn't see anything I particularly liked..
Buuuut that does mean I didn't spend any unnecessary money, so yaaaay me! XD

Sadly we didn't take many pictures because of the bad weather, man it was pouuring down!
We mostly hid in the stores haha~

So i'll just spam you with the pictures i do have :D

Did some camwhorin. I loveeee my new wig <3 o.o
I wasn't happy with my make-up that day, need more practice!!!! 

Outfit shot ; Not the best outfit shot, sorry XD 

Amsterdam! So sad it rained a lot :O I think this was the.. 3rd or 4th time i went to Amsterdam  but this was the second time actually being in the shopping area.
 It's not really my city, the smell of weed is everywhere. But I ain't really a city guuuuurl anyway..
*cough* couch potato *cough*

Lovely cards and presents I got from Jojo and Amber :D
The earrings Jojo gave to me are so adorable and I can't wait to eat that lollypop amber gave to me...
I'm such a sweet tooth :"D

Have a great day!

woensdag 12 december 2012

My xmas wishlist!

Hello everybody!

I can't take any decent pictures because i currently can't use my camera!
The charger is being lonely in my other house (sounding rich, but no, sadly, no XD)
Still need to bring all my stuff from my rented room to my parents house..

So please bare with me, this weekend I will get it back if all goes well!
And then.. more pictures, I promise :3

Every year me and my brother make a little wishlist for christmas for our parents so that they have an idea of what they could give us as a present. They want us to do this because they are afraid they might buy us something we don't like XD But tbh, just the fact that they want to give us a present..
I already appreciate the thought you know o.o

I also love to buy presents for people!
It's always a bit risky, since my parents don't make a wishlist but they just love the whole idea of receiving something too i guess xd
Unwrapping gifts together is a lot of fun :D

So i'd like to share my wishlist with you all.
Now please, remember, these are just stuff I'd like to have... I don't expect to get them, okay? :O

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I reaaaally could use a pair of boots for winter! Currently... I don't really have any nice ones that suit my style. I've been borrowing my mothers black boots and I can't always do that so... Yeah :O

kawaii dividers Pictures, Images and Photos


I would love some new lenses, you can never have enough right?
I own 3 pair of lenses now but I'd like a pair of bigger brown once.
My first pair were the GEO angel brown and they are only 14 mm and too tiny for my own taste.

I looked up a couple of brown lenses and until now I really like the Max Pure brown ones.

Does anyone of you have experience with these?

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Before the halloween party I noticed something bad... 
A huge ink splotch on the pocket of my coat -.- 
I'm such a dumbass.. I forgot a ink pen in my pocket... SO BAD.
The rest of the coat is just fine... but a pretty new coat for more special occasions would be nice :O
I look like a total hobo now ;O;

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The Walking frikkin Dead

Ugh, well this is not something anybody can give me but...
I absolutely love The Walking Dead!!!!
But sadly... new episodes won't be up until February...

I have no idea who spelled february like that, but o well.. 
you are forgiven because of the walking dead. :3

Well, until next time and I hope you all get what you desire for christmas ^^

dinsdag 4 december 2012

New layout + Inspiration! (Picture heavy!)


So, i've been messing around in photoshop and ended up with this new layout!
I hope you like it :D At least it's improving in my opinion haha!
 I like this design way better than the old one!

Last post i mentioned that i wanted to change the quality of this blog, for the better.
I want to post more interesting and better looking stuff on here, so I hope it works out :O
I'll use this post as a little test, to see if it's likable ^^

So this post is all about my inspirations for the winter season and i guess gyaru in general.
I've been browsing various websites, especially tumblr to find some inspiration.
I divided it into categories such as : Style, make-up, brands and nails.
(Why no hair? Because it's so hard to do great gyaru stuff with my own hair, so wigs it is XD)


I just love cute outfits! I think they suit me the best.
Being more innocent, cute-like is just more my thing than dressing sexy i guess XD
 I still want to try other styles tho! Because there are also a lot of more adult looks i really like :)
(I love the third outfit so much amagawd<3)


Liz Lisa *-* I think this is my favorite brand! Y U SO EXPENSIVE!?
I just love their clothing a lot, it's so adorable :O

Ma*rs is another brand i really like. Yes, a lot of the clothing is sexy, but if i want to try something new,
Ma*rs items are certainly on top of the to-try list! I'm really happy I could buy a Ma*rs dress from my friend Jojo.

At first I was like, omfg this is waaaay toooo short for my liking D: But then after a while, I got used to it and now I love it XD So I certainly want more stuff :3
( Oh and yes I just spelled mars on the picture, too lazy to edit XD)



I'm still uncertain about what kind of make-up I really like on myself. But this is mostly because I just don't wear the make-up enough. I'm just too lazy to put on
 full make-up if I know I'm just staying inside.. (which I do a lot XD)

I really hope I find some more motivation to just do my make-up and happily sit behind my laptop with it XD

The above pictures show what I would love to have my make-up look like. :)


I love cute looking, pink, not tooo long nails *-*
The second picture is perfect, it's not to dramatic! :D Bit still really nice IMO.

I love nail-art :DD But I simply don't have enough time to work on my own nails everytime  :(
This is because I actually work in a nail salon and you might think i'd have amazing nails all the time,
but due to all the filing, polishing nails etc I tend to ruin my nails XD
So I only do my nails when I'm going to meet-ups. 

Other random inspiring pictures 

pink bowpink bow

I hoped you liked this kind of post ^^
 I thought it was fun to edit the pictures and stuff sooo hopefully you do like it.. or else.. JK!

Also added little divider thingies gege~
Let me know what you think! Would you like to see my future posts 'designed' like this?
Or would you rather see my more simple, empty posts XD?

maandag 3 december 2012

Recent purchases!

Hello lovelies!

Bwah, I'm sorry I don't have many interesting posts ;o;
There's just not that much to blog about in my daily life. Recently I've been hanging in my PJ's a lot because I'm feeling rather shitty these days -.- Personal life is being such a bitch lately, it ain't even funny anymore GAH.

What i have been doing is shopping online! I'm so happy this exists haha~
I can stay comfortable at home and just stay in my bed XD
(I'm such a lazy bastard..)

So here are a few of my purchases!
Any by no means i'm bragging or whatever, just want to put that out there. ;o;

A new wig! Remember the last one i showed you... it suuuucked so bad.
The fringe was really thin ;o; I reaally hope this one will look good cus i really like this style!

I like these kinds of headbands on other people so i hope these will look good on me too :O

A dreamV dress i bought from someone on the gyaru sales page ^^
Picture is from the owner, hopefully it will look good on me :D Would be the first time trying something in that style!

Ma*rs dress i bought from my dear friend jojo!
Hopefully she won't mind i used her picture of the dress!

Coat/vest thing i found on ebay! I'm hoping it will match with my liz lisa dress ^^

I really want to post some more interesting stuff!
I'm going to try my best! I also want to make my posts of a higher quality..
Edits and stuff on the pictures..

Well thank you for reading!